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With the total combined senior team over 20 years in In-building Solutions, Teras Millennium Sdn Bhd is in a strong and strategic position to forecast the industries expectations and fulfilling its specific requirement.

Teras Millennium Sdn Bhd strives to be the leader in providing  In Building Solutions, as we are experts in roll out of Full Turnkey Solutions powered by strong and experiences Engineering Team.  We also offer Service Level Agreement (Preventive Maintenance) services as a part of our full turnkey rollout.

Our In-Building Design System Philosophy

  1. To provide sufficient frequency signal strength in specific areas & VIP areas.
  2. Ensure all specific coverage area are served by the In-building cell.
  3. Minimize spill over.
  4. Ensures the system design is future proof with regards to capacity, quality and future expansion.
  5. All Public Lists to enjoy no drop calls.
  6. To ensure all outdoor signal does not interfere and cause drop call and ’noise’.

Samples of Buildings That We Have Experience

  1. Commercial high rises.
  2. Distributed commercials.
  3. Major shopping malls, hypermarket and supermarket.
  4. Hotels.
  5. Airports.
  6. Hospitals.
  7. Grandstands and F1 circuit.
  8. VIP residentials.

The Scope of RD Design

We can assist in catering for Network design short & long term based on capacity, quality & coverage requirement provided by the customers. The scope of RF design that we are confident of assisting in:-

  1. Initial survey.
  2. Preliminary
  3. Antenna simulation.
  4. Simulation data analysis.
  5. Final acceptance design with client and building management.
  6. Operative and maintenance.

In-Building Equipment

Ceiling Mounted Omni Antenna


Existing In-building Site

Cable Tray Work at Basement and Carpark

Riser Work