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Incorporated on the 23rd of April 2008 with a paid up capital of RM 2,000,000, Teras Millennium Sdn Bhd, is a wholly Bumiputra owned company. Teras Millennium  was fully owned by Superior Innovations Sdn Bhd. Teras Millennium Sdn Bhd is equipped with personnel with vast experience in project management, construction and telecommunication engineering works for the telecommunication industry. The company is based in Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur with office presence in Kuching.

As the telecommunication industry expands, Teras Millennium wishes to conceptualize the idea of Build, Operate and Lease to enable telecommunication services to be provided with ease by the Telecommunication Operators. This creates a win-win situation for both Teras Millennium and also Telecommunication Operators to further flourish in this industry.Teras Millennium will eliminate the Capital Expenditure needed by Telecommunication Operators to roll out their services and in return, Teras Millennium will fully own the infrastructure provided with revenue generated from the Monthly Rental paid by the Operators.

Teras Millennium strives to be the top telecommunication facility and service provider to all the Telecommunication Operators within Malaysia and looks to expand internationally. With this goal in mind, Teras Millennium aims to be able to have a stronghold in this industry in 5 years (2012-2016) by having our facilities and services rolled out in each state in Malaysia. Teras Millennium also aims to be the pioneer for the Build, Operate and Lease business model in the Telecommunication Industry with the top service facility and revolutionary ideas for telecommunication solutions.

  • Teras Millennium is in a strong and strategic position to forecast the industry expectations and fulfill its specific requirements.

  • Teras Millennium is in a strong and strategic position to forecast the industry expectations and fulfill its specific requirements.

  • Teras Millennium also offers a Service Level Agreement (Preventive Maintenance) service as part of our full turnkey rollout.

Network Facility Provider License

Teras Millennium has the ownership of NFP licences crucial to the development of telecommunication infrastructures. Being awarded these two licences by the Suruhanjaya Komunikasi dan Media Malaysia (SKMM) or rather known as Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) gives Teras Millennium the upper hand in developing and operating telecommunication infrastructures with ease and legality.

The Network Facility Provider (NFP) Licence allows Teras Millennium to construct telecommunication structures .



We attract, motivate and retain high-performing people in all our areas of operation and are fully committed to ensuring that we recruit sufficient staff to enable us to deliver work to meet customers datelines and key performance index. We are committed to competitive performance-based compensation, benefits, training and personal growth based on their merits. We expect integrity, civility openness, support for others and commitment to the highest standards of achievement. We value innovation, employee involvement, change, organization flexibility and personal mobility.

Customer Focus

We invest in and master the key technologies vital to our client’s requirement including understanding their total network locations, equipment and technical specification in wireless and rooftop network and offering a comprehensive turnkey solution including the identification and locating of suitable sites, seeking regulatory approvals, working with tower manufacturer with valuable input into their R & D in the designing of better and more efficient towers and providing construction management and maintenance services. We will offer our client product and services of the highest levels of performance for value. We treat our clients as a partner by listening, understanding their needs, responding fairly and living up to our commitments. We will continually strive to provide these quality values consistent with improving our productivity.

Good Citizenship

We will comply with applicable laws, customs and regulations at all government levels where we do business. We will contribute to the communities in which we operate and address social issues responsibility.

We believe that commitment to our mission and to these value will enable our company to collaborate with our corporate clients-consultants, developers and principles effectively to serve the interest of the end-user.

Our Happy Client