T3E USP MCMC PROJECT PHASE 2 2017-07-13T06:23:43+00:00

Teras Millennium Sdn Bhd was awarded 3 Cluster by MCMC for the Time 3 Extension Phase 2 Project under Universal Service Provision (USP) programme. Time 3 Extension project is continuation of the existing Cellular Coverage Expansion initiative. The project is an initiative to expand the geographical cellular coverage across the country. It involves the construction of new telecommunication tower since 2010. A total of 1,000 telecommunication towers have been planned in rural and remote areas with a population density of 80 persons per square kilometre. Apart from the rural areas, Time 3 Extension telecommunication towers will be built in tourist areas and along major highways throughout the countries. Time 3 Extension is expected to improve the national cellular population coverage to 97%.


No Site ID UST Site Name
1 T3E_0429 Jempol Jalan Ke Sempadan Pahang
2 T3E_0430 Jempol Kg Orang Asli Panchor
3 T3E_0431 Jempol Kg Londah
4 T3E_0432 Jempol SJK Middleton
5 T3E_0433 Gemas Jalan Jelai Gemas
6 T3E_0434 Gemencheh RTP Jalor Air Kuning
7 T3E_0435 Ayer Kuning Kg Air Kuning Selatan
8 T3E_0436 Gemencheh Jalan Utama Gemenceh – Kg Bukit Rokan
9 T3E_0437 Tampin Jalan Utama Batang Melaka
10 T3E_0438 Jempol Kg Gatco
11 T3E_0439 Tampin Kg Lubuk Temenggalan

CLUSTER 4 – Perak

No Site ID UST Site Name
1 T3E_0612 Kuala Kangsar Paya Renggam
2 T3E_0613 Kuala Kangsar Kg. Cheh Hulu
3 T3E_0614 Larut dan Matang Kg. Ulu Piul
4 T3E_0615 Kerian Kg. Telok Seribu
5 T3E_0616 Larut dan Matang Kuala Sangga
6 T3E_0617 Larut dan Matang Sungai Tinggi
7 T3E_0618 Kerian Jalan Gula
8 T3E_0619 Larut dan Matang Jalan Kamunting Selama
9 T3E_0620 Larut dan Matang Jalan Jelai-Redang Panjang
10 T3E_0621 Kerian Kg. Pondok Tanjung

CLUSTER 4 – Sabah

No Site ID UST Site Name
1 T3E_0692 Sandakan Kg Pulau Lubukan
2 T3E_0692 S1 Sandakan Kg Sg Madang (Spoke)
3 T3E_0693 Sandakan Kg Tg Nipis
4 T3E_0694 Sandakan Kg Tg Batu Darat
5 T3E_0694 S1 Sandakan Kg Tg Aru (Spoke)
6 T3E_06945 Lahad Datu Kg. Upak Ulu Segama
7 T3E_06946 Sandakan Kg. Tronglit
8 T3E_0697 Lahad Datu IOI Unico Desa Plantation
9 T3E_0698 Kinabatangan IOI Bimbingan 2 Plantation
10 T3E_0699 Beluran Kg. Botition
11 T3E_0700 Sandakan Kg Bahanan, Pulau Jambongan